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Floatcam HD DC Sliders

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Floatcam HD&DC Sliders


Matthews DC Slider 's made from a Polish Floatcam , and the United States MSE ( mechyu ) sells over four Our green shoot system of Matthews products distributor in Korea DC Slider is designed with a unique structure low-angle mode, horizontal mode, vertical mode Mini- house system of the slider , crane system, multi- function multi-function is possible to implement  DC Slider the Korea Broadcasting System , taken rentalsyap , schools, and in many places , such as taking advantage of the professional productions are multi-functional multi- party system, the camera platform is taken diverse and offers a wide range of creative possibilities DC Slider the slider design of the tracks and rails are precision-engineered to show the smooth operation feel and precision  DC Slider counter balance system , as well as the balance of the camera to the flat line designed to operate naturally fit done DC Slider can be installed up to a maximum of 10kg and is suitable for DSLR cameras and mini video cameras to


  1. Precision Counter Balance
  2. Multi-Angled Slider
  3. Mini Jib
  4. Vertical Tower
  5. Table Top Slider 6.Wireless Motion Control )


Slider Set Up



Tracking Length


Vertical Height


Maximum Load




Counter weights


Mini-Jib Set up

Maximum Height

82"/214cm(w/Tripod at 63"/160cm)

Working Diameter

at Horizontal, 63"/160cm

Cases (2 per system)

Large Case


Small Case